Deep Tissue Massage - A different approach.

Many people who seek out massage therapy enjoy or need deeper tissue work. There are also some clients that feel deep tissue is the only way to gain benefit from a massage.  So, an opposing problem exists when deeper pressure is beneficial for clients who simply find deep tissue painful or deeper pressure is not painful but is damaging to certain muscle groups, especially after physical trauma.  It is the massage therapist's primary responsibility to insure the safety of the treatment and make informed decisions. 

Also, many Massage Therapists experience injury in their own bodies when they do Deep Tissue work. Many therapists who continue their careers begin to avoid deep work as they get older because the wear and tear effects of performing too much deep tissue work is cumulative.

Soft Tissue Melting incorporates Western and Eastern technique and is one of several massage treatments that solves problems associated with contraindicated deep tissue massage.

Soft Tissue Melting is about knowing exactly what muscles or trigger points to address and delivering exactly the right pressure. A combination of traditional deep tissue and more moderate touch therapies such as Acupressure and Energy work are what make up the dynamics of Soft Tissue Melting. It warms up the muscles.

Clients who receive this work should never leave frustrated that the pressure was too light. On the other hand, people who typically feel uncomfortable with deep work will feel deep satisfying relief without the pain of other types of deep body work.

Deep Tissue and Acupressure/Energy Work therapies sound like opposites but performing both at the same time can have a powerful impact on people who are otherwise uncomfortable with "deep" massage.