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Swedish style full body body massage with aromatherapy or unscented oils is about pressure and intention, along with the therapeutic goals set by a pre-session intake form and discussion.  Client input is always encouraged. 

Massage pressure is varied throughout the session corresponding to the tissue response as the therapist works various muscle groups.  Assisted stretches and movement of joints may be added by the therapist.

Pressures:  Light, Medium, Med-Firm, or Firm

1 hr - $75
1.5 hr - $115
2 hr - $150



Reflex areas, or "pressure points",  in the hands, feet and face are worked by the therapist that enhances the health of corresponding organs, glands, and areas of the body.   Clients remain clothed.

Stimulating these pressure points helps unblock meridians, increase blood flow and help to restore homeostasis within the entire body.  Some essential oils or lotions may be applied to aid the  process.

Reflexology is a non-invasive modality that is known to be recuperative and balancing to the body.  While Reflexology is a treatment on it's own, it is also the ideal add-on to any massage or facial. 

1/2 hr - $45
1 hr - $85



Massage, stretching and relaxed breathing for pregnant women and their babies. This slower paced massage therapy focuses on tense painful muscle groups and correct alignment.  Positioning and propping with pillows offers clients comfort and safety.

1 hr - $75

Hot Stone


Hot stone massage is a natural therapy using heated basalt stones in which the heat from the stones is transferred and warms the tissue to allow ease of muscle movement.  Our 90 minute session incorporates both the stones and hands-on bodywork.   Stones are heated in sanitizing water before use. This type of massage is fabulous for clients seeking a deeply relaxing massage. 

Advanced reservation required for this luxury treatment.  (Always check with your doctor before getting a hot stone massage; individuals with certain conditions--pregnant women and people with high blood pressure--are advised to avoid this type of thermal therapy.) 

1.5 hr - $150

Deep Tissue-
Trigger Point


Massage concentrated to specific area of the body which is integrated to areas of the body where the client feels the need to get in deep to meet the pain.

This massage modality is not always expected to be a full body application.  It has a tendency to leave a little lingering soreness, with the intention of increased mobilization of the tissues. It also is called trigger point therapy or sports massage.

1 hr - $85
1.5 hr - $130

Reiki Energy Work


Asian life force building technique that is soothing and harmonizing while aiding the restorative powers of the body. Energy work is usually a light touch therapy application, but has truly deep tissue influences which may have a deeply healing or spiritual effect. 

(Note: Reiki is Japanese. Some therapists do QiGong, which is Chinese. Both treatments involve the gentle and prolonged placement of the hands on the neck, back, abdomen or feet.) 

1 hr - $75

Call (830) 990-8413 for Appointments