Rejuvenating Cappuccino
Spa Pedicure

  Give your feet a luxurious fresh start!
Feels just like sunshine when your sweetie joins you.

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Featuring OPI and CND products.

  • *Hot, steamy towels soak and soften the feet
  • *CND premium red clay moisturizing mask loosens rough dry skin
  • *Nail, cuticle and callus work dress the feet
  • *OPI premium cappuccino hydration cream with foot massage removes tension
  • *CND premium almond hydrating illuminating mask finishes and seals the skin
  • *Spa Ritual polish

Shellac polish can be substituted +$20

Allow 60 minutes for this treatment.

Spring Special Price $57


Featuring CND & OPI Spa Products.


Sparkling White Wine Luxury Hand Rescue



Get best of the bubbly luxury treatment for tried dry and rough hands - a Sparkling White Wine Rescue Treatment that will pamper rehydrate and rejuvenate your hands.

  • White Wine Hand Mask -  White wine, milk protein and aloe vera hand mask activated with hot steamy towels to remove environmental pollutants and depleted skin.
  • Hand Stretch & Massage - with skin nourishing grape seed extract/oil to relieve congestion and flush toxins in the vessels of the hand.  The hands are beginning to re-hydrate.
  • Almond Extract Illuminating Hydration Finishing Cream - to protect and seal the hands while reviving tired muscles.  Any remaining toxins are flushed from the hands. The feet are left smoothed, hydrated and rejuvenated.

Allow up to 30 minutes for this treatment depending on the condition of the hands.

30 minute session -  $59 / person


Ruby Red Wine Luxury Foot Rescue



Get best of the most powerful red grape anti-oxidants(Resveratrol) in a luxury treatment for tried dry and rough feet - our Ruby Red Wine Rescue Treatment that will pamper reinvigorate and rejuvenate your feet and toes.

  • Red wine/resveratrol, oatmeal protein and French white clay foot mask - to remove environmental pollutants and soften the skin on the feet.
  • Hot  Steamy Towel Soak to activate the foot mask, relieve tissue congestion and begin the re-hydration process.
  • Foot Stretch & Massage  - with nourishing grape seed extract/ oil  to relieve congestion and flush toxins from the vessels of the feet while reviving tired achy muscles.  Any remaining congestion is flushed from the tissues by the massage.  The feet are reinvigorated.
  • Citrus Extract Hydration Therapy - to protect and seal the skin while reviving tired foot muscles.  The skin is left moisturized, smooth and revived.

Allow up to 30 minutes for this treatment.

30 minute session -  $59 / person

New! "Wine Country Facial Massage"


This Decadent "Red Wine Facial Massage" Cleanses and deeply nourishes the skin while fighting signs of aging.

Enjoy a luxurious facial massage with quality botanical antioxidants and moisturizers that will leave your skin glowing, radiant and feeling rejuvenated. 

  • Cleanse: An application of oatmeal-clay mask saturated with the best of the grape based anti-oxidants, Resveratrol, cleanses the face and dissolves away adhearing environmental pollutants that cause premature aging of the skin.   (Resveratrol is the super-antioxiant from the red part of the grape.  It protects and helps fight against sun and ultraviolet aging of the skin.)
  • Hydrate: Red Wine Resveratrol Nourishing Cream (we call it "Grape Serum") ultra-hydrating treatment aggressively moisturizes and protects skin against signs of aging, environmental damage, lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. 
  • Heal: A relaxing finish with a facial massage that removes tension and stress restoring your face to it's natural firmness. 

regular price:
1 hour session - $115 / person

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